Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Deadly Catch and Sex for fish

The videos I saw for my english class on youtube. One called Deadly Catch and the other Sex for fish is about fisherman in Africa who have a jaboya system which basically means the fisherman catch the fish and the women eventually form a sexual relationship with the fisherman in order to get fish either to feed their children or to put it on the market and sale it. But this is a prime example why Aids has run rampent through Africa. Places like Africa are in so much proverty they have to resort to things such as prostitution for fish or money so they can feed their families. Which is why the virus spreads so rapidly and without them listening to the education of this virus and about safe sex this disease will continue to spread.

Before I watched these videos I knew there was prostitution in africa. I knew Aids was running wild in africa because of the proverty and lack of education in africa about Aids. But I did not know that women in africa were having sex for fish. But the women in the jaboya system dont have much of a choice because the women that have sex with the fisher have a guarentee that they will have some fish but for the women that try not to have sex with the fisherman there is no guarentee that they will get any fish. Women have to provide for their kids and families so in the end they have to have sex with the fisherman.

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