Thursday, October 6, 2011

America vs Uganda and Thailand on Aids

Once the Aids epidemic emerged in the 80's America quickly started doing reasearch trying to figure out what this virus exactly was,where did it come from, and how are we going to get a vaccine. People in Uganda called this the slim disease. Uganda has a lack of funding on medical since this is a very poor country. So people in Uganda would end up going to their local priests and get prayers said to them instead of the necessary treatment. Most would just lay in the hospital beds and die. Even though many died in the US scientists were still working hard to find a vaccine for this virus. So the American approach was more effective than the Uganda's approach but with the lack of funding for Uganda there wasnt much they could do.

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  1. During the uprise of AIDS, Uganda made a huge effort to educate their people. They held events were they would pass out information along with free condoms, to help their people prevent the spread of the virus. The US took a passive approach when dealing with AIDS in the 1980's.