Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Gay Man's Case Against Gay Marriage

On page 700 of my Writing Today textbook I read "A Gay Man's Case Against Gay Marriage" and he argues against gay marriage not because of the bonds and civil rights you gain but because he believes that being married will not help a gay relationship. He argues the point that "homosexual" and "heterosexual" people  have better relationships and they should take the time to date and build the relationship before considering marriage because marriage causes more problems. Instead of arguing for marriage argue for the benefits that come with marriage like tax breaks, inheritance, access to health care, and guaranteeing loans.

In my opinion I think whether a homosexual couple is married or not if they are living together for more than 5 years they should have the benefits of a married couple but without the legal bond because everybody deserves the right to be happy and if the homosexual community had the availability to the rights of a married couple then the gay marriage issue wouldn't be such a big issue as it is.

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  1. Good points. However, this is off-topic for the assignment. You were supposed to write about what you think the gay marriage debate is about and what your position is.