Tuesday, August 30, 2011

marrige ideals

I have read this article on marrige ideals and i believe even though we have come a long way with the rights of women and children and marital rights i see similarities with marrige today and marrige way back then. Back then the man was allowed to sleep with other women. In marrige this is not allowed today but you see it very often with men in marrige they commit adultry in marrige in which this causes divorce. Its more rare to see a women commit adultry then men. Also back in the old ages in western civilization it was frowned upon to get a divorce but it still happened. I dont believe marrige makes a bond or makes somebody faithful. The feelings each person has for one another is what makes the bond and makes somebody faithful. This is why getting married for the wrong reasons is why marrige fails. Only when when two people are truely in love is when they should take this big step. Back in western civilization most people married for economic reasons and there was rarely romance in the marrige. That must of sucked!

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